Replica Danse Lente Johnny Leather Mini Bucket Bag

I have been watching this brand for a long time. I remember seeing this brand Replica Danse Lente Handbags for the first time at net a porter last year. I was tangled for half an hour and do not buy it. After a while I looked at it and it sold out. You can still buy it at this time. This is a London brand. I found that a small number of designers are now appearing in London. I originally wanted to buy it on the official website, but it is not a good deal to convert Australian dollars. I thought about it and waited hard. I did not expect it to be on Friday !!! Net a porter turned out to have three bags of this brand for a long time! Don’t mention how happy I was, I didn’t even hesitate to place an order immediately!

I really want to praise net a porter. I placed the order on Friday and received it on Sunday afternoon. The quality of the Replica Danse Lente Bags is still good. If you want to spend more than 500 Australian dollars to buy a 3000 Australian dollar quality, I advise you not to start. The design of this bag is not complicated, and the color matching is my favorite. I saw the official website map as pink, but I do not expect to see that the bag cover was actually pink, and the white part was a little yellow and yellow. It goes well with all kinds of clothes.

Replica Danse Lente Handbags

And the Replica Danse Lente Handbags Johnny Leather Mini Bucket Bag is not heavy, but the shoulder strap is too thin, but I usually do not put heavy things in the bag, and his dust bag is cute, I think this dust bag It is estimated to be a lot of money. It’s sold out now, it’s really selling in seconds, indicating that his house is not ordinary fire. Still waiting to see those who want to start, do not hesitate, really unique style, very affordable price, start quickly.

Replica Danse Lente Handbags

Replica Danse Lente Bags is a niche bag brand originating in London. Its name means Slow Dance in France. It is inspired by the streamlined and non-hybridization of contemporary architecture and is committed to creating high-quality bags that meet the modern aesthetics. This Danse Lente Johnny mini lady bag is made of smooth calfskin, with a shoulder strap of 90 cm in length and a handle height of 15 cm. It has a single handle and a single shoulder strap with a leather lining and black closure with a pressure buckle. Zipper bag, unique shape, stylish design, you deserve it.

Replica Danse Lente Handbags

There is no doubt that the trend of mini replica bags will not dissipate in the short term, but how to carry a mini bag more fashionable is actually a matter of learning.

In the past two years, crossbody bags, waist packs and underarm bags have had their own flash moments. Now you should try the wristlet bag (Bracelet Bag). The reason it is called a wrist replica bag is because you can easily hold it on your wrist, so that you have both a bag and an interesting accessory.

Replica Danse Lente Handbags

Many people have discovered the charm of wrist bags, and the recent search for wrist bags by image site Pinterest has increased by 150%. Many people are already familiar with the ring wrist bag, which is a bag with a ring as a handle.

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