Replica Celine BELT PICO Series Handbag

Replica Celine Handbags classic box leather is divided into 10 kinds: box smooth leather, box mirror leather, fine toothpick leather, rough water ripple leather, goat leather, rare animal python skin, rare animal lizard skin, rare animal pearl fish skin, rare animal Animal crocodile skin, as well as rare animal skins.

From the beginning to now, pink has only been out of lizard skin for the time being. 2017’s: Rouge Powder. It is a non-rare animal in the classic box, and it is launched in pink for the first time.

Replica Celine Handbags

Color matching is Replica Celine Bags usual method, this time with cream inside – it’s really delicious. Rouge powder is like the sweetness of a light mature woman, she doesn’t do anything – instead it reveals a kind of precipitation temperament.

Replica Celine Handbags classic box: In terms of craftsmanship, 32,000 is very worthwhile. Compared with this, Hermes constance, the similarity of the internal structure determines the similarity of the craftsmanship, the wiring processing of the bag link and the oil side crimping line are the same.

Replica Celine Handbags

There is a slight difference in the selectivity of materials. Hermes constance also uses box skin, but only crocodile skin is used for cherished animals. Legend has it that the box leather has a self-healing function. It is a juvenile cowhide. Year after year, the oil will overflow from the bottom to repair itself.

In terms of performance, the classic box is a square package with no dead ends, just like a perfect suite design, simple and not rigid, without too many obtuse angles, so she also has a name: tofu Replica Celine Bags.

Replica Celine Handbags

Many people think that this Replica Celine Handbag has three compartments, but it is not. The correct answer is: 4 compartments, between the zipper pocket and the middle compartment, there are two layers of very tight leather, which is also a compartment, Not a true snug closure, but a zip-free compartment that can be stretched open.

Babies who have box Replica Celine Bag in their hands can try it. This location is very hidden and can hide some small secret notes and bills. In terms of matching, the size of the classic box is versatile, such as royal sisters, ladies, celebrities, trendy girls, and all.

Replica Celine Handbags

Casual can also be, formal can also be OK, short dress is OK, long skirt is OK too. There are so many street photos, and they are beautiful with or without shoulder straps. As long as it is a woman who has entered the pit of the classic box, she has a habit of collecting all colors. Especially now that the price is constantly increasing, it is more and more attentive.