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After the Replica Fendi Handbags little monster was born, Peekaboo became more interesting. This little monster designed to the inside of the bag seems to be locked in the bag. It looks fierce and super cute. In addition to making a fuss on the inner baffle, the body and straps have also begun to be upgraded. In the spring and summer of 2016, Peekaboo incorporates a bold piping design, which is very popular among fashionable people.

The autumn and winter series also incorporate romantic and beautiful lotus leaf design, which is refreshing. The 2017 spring and summer series of Peekaboo is more girlish, with various printed embroidery, three-dimensional flowers, rivets, and large seaming designs, which make people want to stop.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Replica Fendi Handbags launched the “Strap you” shoulder strap series, which not only set off a wave of wide shoulder straps, but also injected new vitality into Peekaboo. At the beginning of the article, Olivia paired Mini Peekaboo with wide shoulder straps between 15-16 years. It is a new summer product in 2016. Gigi has also been on the upper body. It is like a colorful candy and is very suitable for summer.

There is also the following three-dimensional leather flower models. The colorful flowers are exquisite and unique, which instantly awakens my girl’s heart. Peekaboo even comes with its own super cute raincoat, you can take it out on rainy days with confidence. With such a thoughtful design, I really don’t want to be robbed of money.

Replica Fendi Bags

Peekaboo has never stopped playing tricks. In addition to his own design, Replica Fendi Bags also allows various stars to innovate. Among them, this one designed by Adele has the iconic long eyelashes and big eyes of Dumb, which is designed as a small monster pattern, which is interesting and special.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Cara Delevigne has never taken an unusual path. The large size she designed is also unique. The popular Slogan element is used by Cara in the design. The letter graffiti on the front and back of the Replica Handbags “calls out” the card. Attitude to life, the abbreviation of “CD” on the side is also unique.

Replica Fendi Handbags

There is also this one designed by Anna dello Russo, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Japan. The funny cartoon pattern is a hit with Replica Fendi Handbags little monsters. It is very personal. The three celebrity collaboration models, Peekaboo, are part of the selected works in the global charity event The Peekaboo Project, which we can just see in Beijing right now. The Peekaboo Project China trip will be co-created by Liu Wen, Guo Jingjing, Yang Ying, Yang Lan, Liang Yuanwei and Ye Jintian and Replica Fendi Bags, bringing unique Peekaboo handbags.