Replica Fendi Kan U Leather Panel Shoulder Bag Tote

FENDI Kan U Leather Panel Shoulder Bag Tote is very nice, classic baguette is hot. But I think there are a lot of people carrying them, so I’m afraid of hitting the bag. Replica Fendi Handbags this year are all good-looking. I like this kan u of sheepskin. The lambskin is very luxurious, especially high-grade. There is also a mini version, which is available in many colors. The material is lambskin and cowhide. The cowhide is more wear-resistant and hard, but it is not shiny and looks matte.

Capacity: very suitable for work can put a small umbrella, weight: very light weight sheepskin itself is very light and soft, if you do not put things in the entire Replica Fendi Handbag will not be able to hold up, if there are not too many small sweet potatoes to buy a mini size, otherwise they can’t It will flatten up. Or buy leather material will be harder.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Style: Low-key and restrained, no big logo, classic double F buckle, a small F on the chain is very delicate, I like it very much, the rest are low-key. I’m not tall at 158cm and don’t feel too big. This price is relatively moderate, and it is particularly practical, and the style is beautiful.

Replica Fendi Bags kan i bag is simply versatile. It does n’t feel difficult to wear no matter what you wear, and the black one is easy to use. Plus the blue and red buckle, it will not feel dull, but a bit lively. a feeling of.

Replica Fendi Handbags

The length of the shoulder strap is also just right. I was 160. I originally thought it would be too long. As a result, if I crossed it diagonally, I could just get a little bit below the cymbal. If you carry it on your shoulders, it may be a bit long, and you can reach the bottom, but it seems that there are many girls who like this style. Anyway, I think it looks good with any clothes, and I can carry it in winter and summer.

The quality of the Replica Fendi Bag is very good. After all, the cowhide is very wear-resistant. Be careful not to have scratches. The pocket inside is suede, which is more resistant to dirt and the keys will not scratch. It doesn’t usually care much about it, there is no maintenance or anything, but it hasn’t worn out so far, which is pretty good. The quality of the hardware is also very good, without fading or too dark.

Replica Fendi Handbags

However, it is necessary to have a bit of trouble, that is, the logo part of the bag is seriously discolored, it is very embarrassing like what it is. Say the logo, your own brand, do you really need to take care? However, this place is not conspicuous. If you usually go out, you will not be able to see it without looking carefully.

This Replica Fendi Handbags has two compartments, and a small compartment for membership cards and the like. It usually holds everything that goes out for shopping, and it doesn’t matter what the phone is. However, don’t want to put the sun umbrella, water cup or anything, after all, it is a small bag.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Before buying a bag, it is recommended to try it back and think about the usual use scenarios. Buy it if it suits you, otherwise you will lose it if you don’t like it. I searched the price of Replica Fendi Bags KAN I some time ago. It seems that the price has been reduced. Don’t miss the fairies who want to start.