Replica Goyard Chevron Boeing 55 Bag Black

Few people know Goyard name, it is unlike its French counterparts Hermes and Louis Vuitton, but it is the world’s most unique brand.

Replica Goyard Handbags, a leather goods manufacturer, was 18 years earlier than Louis Vuitton, but 17 years behind Herm├Ęs. Goyard manufactures leather goods for many French aristocrats, and custom-made bags based on the royal colors of various clans. Goyard claimed that the earliest briefcase in the world was what they did.

Replica Goyard Bags most famous trigeminal graphic first appeared in 1892, also known as “chevron,” in 4 colors, made of a mixture of cotton, linen and hemp, coated with gum arabic to make it a Slim, light, but also waterproof material.

Replica Goyard Handbags

The brand was later obscured, until about 2000, Barney department store in the window for its thematic exhibitions, it became known. Today, people can pay more than 1,000 US dollars in the bag can have a name on the initials, crown ornaments, or specify the individual exclusive bag stripes color.

There are 12 stores in the world with Replica Goyard Handbags including Takashimaya in Japan, Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys in the United States, Peninsula in Hong Kong, Daslu boutiques in Brazil, our shop in Paris, France, Flagship store. If you see the Goyard bags in New York City, there is no doubt that all fakes.

Replica Goyard Handbags

Replica Goyard Bags Chevron Boeing 55 Black, Goyard is a resin coated linen that feels light and thin. Do not just look at the appearance and weight, but also smell, a bit like ethylene. Goyard bags are hand-painted, the fabric has a little raised little bit small, because linen is very thin, you can feel handwriting; black leather, the ingredients are black; and other color ingredients All are white. Leather has been processed, so the stains are easier to erase, more resistant to look at some.

Jeanne: inspired by a long time ago hat box, the structure itself is designed to be more feminine, like LV Speedy most women also prefer this section, including three sizes: petite, medium, and GM .

Replica Goyard Handbags

The very practical double-sided shopping bag in 10 colors and comes with a wallet, the size of Junior, MM, and GM.Jersey: tough box design, the size of the PM and GM. Ambassade: Soft briefcase, one size. Chypre: The structured flap case, a bit like an attache case, is one size.

Vertical long tote replica bag, all one size. Urbain: As the word shows, the city messenger bag (messenger), one size. St. Honore clutch: This is a glorious legacy as a leather goods manufacturer with only a limited set of white, silver, gold and black colors, and is available only to private shoppers at Goyard stores.

Replica Goyard Handbags

You can see Replica Goyard Handbag that kind of graphics called “Chevron” and “mountain armor” is almost exactly the same. Although it is not improbable to speculate that the French plagiarized the ancient Chinese figures, this form of firm, tight-fitting armor used in bags is definitely a very creative idea. If you use the architectural discourse, the mountain armor is the “structure that is the epidermis,” the classic case.

When I was a kid, I read the comic strip “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and copied the armor worn by those heroic fights in the copy. The most annoying thing was to paint this kind of graphic armor and test the child’s patience very much. Mountain armor has not been unearthed this kind of material, it is indeed “no film”, in the end it is what the structure is, today’s people do not know.